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40 - 60% of mental health clients drop out
before receiving full treatment.

Our features can help you prevent this at your practice


How it Works

1. Create a profile

Set up your account in minutes, all we need is your name, email and password. No credit card required.

2. Upload resources

Resources help your client with their homework. Add any file type and keep your resources organized using tags with a quick and easy search ability.

3. Schedule a session

Schedule your upcoming sessions in the event and invite your clients. Our event can automatically sync the events created in the app with your Google Event.

4. Share session notes, tasks and resources

Add a summary of the session, assign tasks and share documents, videos, pdfs or any other file types all within the platform

5. Your clients are reminded automatically

We take care of sending your client reminders about their upcoming sessions and tasks they should complete. The reminder settings can easily be adjusted in the settings.