What is Thoughtfile?

Thoughtfile is a web platform to help mental health professionals remind their patients/clients about important items discussed in session, and providing resources and reminders to stay on track.

How does it work?

Mental health professionals can invite their patients/clients via email to join Thoughtfile, securely linking those accounts so therapists can provide information that the patient can view from any web-enabled device. Any dates, tasks, summaries, or documents can be shared with the patient in a confidential manner, and reminders can be set to ensure patients have the best chances to succeed in their journey.

Is Thoughtfile supposed to replace my patient/client notes?

No - Thoughtfile is about providing resources, reminders, and brief summaries to patients to help them stay on track with their therapeutic goals.

How will Thoughtfile help improve my practice?

Research on therapeutic alliances has demonstrated the impact of patients feeling supported throughout their time in therapy, and not just in session. Thoughtfile is designed to provide the means for patients/clients feeling engaged between sessions, with reminders and access to any documents or resources the therapist may have shared throughout their time together. This in turn helps patients feel more inclined to continue therapy to completion, and helps to reduce early termination of clients.

Will patients/clients have to pay for this service as well?

There is no additional cost to the patient for using Thoughtfile. Mental health professionals pay a nominal monthly fee, and this includes providing access for their patients as well.

What’s in it for patients/clients?

Patients who utilise Thoughtfile are likely to feel better throughout their therapeutic journey, and are more likely to stay in therapy. Patients can expect to feel more engaged throughout the process, and can access the resources provided by their therapist from anywhere.