Who is behind Thoughtfile?

Our team is made up of health professionals, designers & thinkers who are passionate about
using technology to improve the quality & efficacy of therapy


Dr. Martin Dragan

is a clinical sexologist, counselor, and educator. He's committed to finding ways to help make therapy more effective for therapists and clients alike.


Anton Livaja

is a full stack developer specializing in web development. Some of his favourite technologies inolve Ruby on Rails & JavaScript.


Betty Zhang

is an artist & designer addicted to traveling & inspired by nature. She brings aesthetic & function to Thoughtfile's visual experience.


Catherine Wood

is a user experience designer. She's passionate about design thinking & employs a user-centered approach to tackling tough challenges.


Kate Petriw

is a marketing, branding, and communication specialist. She handles marketing & product management for Thoughtfile.


Eloisa Guerrero

is a web developer who believes in the power of technology to help affect change in mental health.


Emily Deighton

is pursuing an undergrad degree in Psychology. She handles outreach & marketing for Thoughtfile.